Youthful Ramblings

My usually-tongue-in-cheek thoughts on life

Greetings Earthlings!

Hi. I’m BradEager and I’m not an alien. Or am I?

Honestly though, I’m not. I’m just a 17 year old guy from an average home.  I live in South Africa (I’m white, shock horror) and enjoy sport, music and surfing the internet.

I am not a suicidal wrist-slitter nor a tree-hugger. I neither drink nor live in a nunnery. I won’t be posting blog posts consisting of “OMG THIS ONE GIRL FLUTTERED HER EYELIDS AT ME; I THINK I’M IN LOVE NOW!” or “Noone likes me and I have no point of living; I think I should end it all.”

I’ll just be posting my (often satirical) views on society, life and Mrs Brown’s new polka-dotted umbrella. It’ll be a blog to which readers of any age will be able to relate. It’ll also be better-structured than this shambles of a welcome post. Please follow the blog – Mrs Brown and I would really appreciate it!


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